Bridgeway was the best solution to the 500 miles separating my parents and I. I am forever grateful for their ability to step in and provide their knowledge, experience, contacts, and recommendations when I am not there. Their Rolodex of experts in home health care, visiting physicians, nursing homes, hospice, and elder care attorneys speaks volumes to their ability to be the ones I trust for recommendations when it comes to the care of my parents. I would give an unequivocal endorsement of their services.
– Vija U.

We faced unprecedented challenges when my mother became disabled. We found the expertise and compassionate attention to detail of the staff of Bridgeway indispensable by allowing my mother to remain comfortably in her own home. We are extremely appreciative of their assistance.
– Pat Z.

Our care manager has been exceptional with helping us take care of my 94-year-old aunt. She is compassionate and caring. Very responsive and I highly recommend her to all of my friends, colleagues and other family members who are looking for assistance with care for the elderly. Thank you for everything.
– Nephew of Client

Our caregivers have become a true part of our family unit. We moved back from Florida a year ago so that we could have better care. Best decision ever made!
– Family Member of Client

We are each living a new reality, imposed by a new definition of “normal.” Your experience will likely follow our own where the sacrifice and effort of one family member will become shared with all. Her mom’s needs will become time consuming, unforgiving even repressive to everyone involved. The solution may not be a change in venue. We found your suggested assisted living facility very appealing but ultimately chose to keep mom and dad at home in familiar surroundings. That could not be accomplished without the help of Bridgeway. Please reach out to their team for an initial consultation and Action Plan. Our best decision was to engage them as coach of the care team (med dispensing, continuous “live in” custodial care, etc). Life will return to more familiar normal when you do the same. Good Luck and lets us know if we can help.
– Family Member of Client

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