The Difference…

6585_2319Concierge Home Care is a higher level of service, overseen by a Care Manager with a focus on results and accountability.

Our Professional Care Manager will provide a comprehensive assessment reviewing  medical, social, and safety needs to discuss options and recommendations. Your individualized care plan is developed to meet your goals.


Hygiene & Bathing
Our staff is trained to assist clients with their hygiene needs. Our Professional Caregivers can assist with activities including bathing, tooth-brushing, hair-combing, and shaving. Professional Caregivers make the process as dignified and comfortable for our clients as possible.

Meal Preparation
Professional Caregivers can help shop and prepare meals based on doctor/nutritionist recommendations and client preferences. They can also assist  during mealtime. This may include: cutting food, feeding, drinking, and assisting with cleanup.

Light Housekeeping
Professional Caregivers can help keep our client’s living environment clean and comfortable.

Medication & Medical Supplies Pick Up
Professional Caregivers can pick up prescriptions and other medical necessities from the pharmacy or drug store.

Medication Oversight
The Nurse Care Manager  establishes a medication management system to ensure  the client receives medication as prescribed. Medication oversight  by our Nurse Care Manager ensures that clients do not mix medications that might have dangerous interactions. The professional caregivers oversee medication intake to ensure the client does not miss dosages.

Professional Caregivers can help our clients choose appropriate clothing items and assist with dressing.

Professional Caregivers can drive our clients to appointments and activities.

Social Activities
Professional Caregivers can help facilitate and arrange social events best suited to our clients’ interests and abilities. These may include: theaters, restaurants, museums, places of worship, or other events.

Religious Activities
Professional Caregivers can help our clients maintain their religious practices.

Personal Shopping
Professional Caregivers can support our clients by assisting with household purchases.