The Bridgeway Difference…

Bridgeway combines the clinical support of a Care Manager with the love and compassion of a companion. Our Concierge Home Care services offer a higher level of care for seniors. A Registered Nurse or Social Worker Care Manager oversees all aspects of the process, with a focus on results and accountability, allowing seniors to live comfortably in their own home.

The first step in beginning services is to have one of our professional Care Managers conduct a comprehensive assessment that will review medical, social, mobility, and safety needs in order to discuss care options and recommendations. Many times this comprehensive assessment is handled in the midst of a crisis.

After a thorough assessment, Care Managers make a series of recommendations based on a client’s present and long-term health needs to create a caregiving plan. The assessment is aimed at providing safety, attention to health concerns, and personal wellbeing. On-going support and assistance is provided every step of the way.

We are available 24/7 for all of your care needs.





Care Management

CareManagementOur Care Managers have years of experience coordinating resources and providing recommendations. They are able to tap into a broad provider network that has been vetted and screened by our company. One of our professional Nurse or Social Worker Care Managers works collaboratively with families, as a trued advocate. They will initially meet with your family to provide a comprehensive assessment that reviews medical, social, legal, and safety needs. They recommend the proper services, caregivers, or facilities needed for care and can coordinate, manage, and oversee all aspects of the agreed upon plan.



CompanionshipThe bond between family, senior, and caregiver is essential to our company’s values. We seek to create a meaningful connection, where both lives are enriched by the interaction. We listen, share stories, and form strong bonds.


Hygiene & Bathing

Hygiene&BathingOur staff is trained to support seniors with their hygiene needs. Our professional caregivers can assist with activities including bathing, tooth-brushing, hair-combing, and shaving. They make the process as dignified and comfortable for seniors as possible.


Light Housekeeping

LightHousekeepingWe keep our clients’ homes clean and comfortable. Clutter and dirt are not a welcoming or safe environment and we want to give our clients a sense of peace and relaxation. We’ll tidy up and make it feel like home again.


Meal Preparation

MealPreparationProfessional caregivers can help shop and prepare meals based on doctor/nutritionist recommendations and client preferences. They can also assist during mealtime. This may include: cutting food, feeding, drinking, and assisting with cleanup.


Medication Oversight

MedicationOversightMedication oversight by our Nurse Care Manager ensures that clients do not mix medications that might have dangerous interactions. The Care Manager establishes a medication management system so that seniors receive their medication as prescribed, and professional caregivers oversee medication intake to ensure the client does not miss dosages.


Medication & Supplies Pick Up

MedicationSuppliesPickUpWe know how stressful it can be to pick up medications and medical supplies. Our caregivers take the stress out of the process and can stock whatever our clients need from the store.


Personal Shopping

PersonalShoppingProfessional caregivers provide support for seniors by assisting with household purchases and errands. When it’s dark, snowy, or our client is unable to leave their home, we’re happy to assist them in all of their personal shopping needs.


Social Activities

SocialActivitiesProfessional caregivers can help facilitate and arrange social events best suited to a senior’s interests and abilities. These may include: theaters, restaurants, museums, places of worship, or other events.



TransportationWe understand that many clients are recovering from surgeries or have pain or vision issues while they are driving. Sit back, relax, and enjoy the scenery. We’re more than willing to deal with the traffic and get them to their destination safely.