Bridgeway Care Process


The Bridgeway Care Process

When your aging or ill loved one is no longer able to care for their daily needs on their own, it can be overwhelming and challenging for them and your family members. An average of 90% of seniors wish to “age in place” and continue living in their own home. However, for those who are unable to live independently, they often rely on the assistance of family caregivers. This can present its own series of stresses and challenges, but you don’t have to do it alone.

At Bridgeway, we are dedicated to providing exceptional care that allows seniors to age with dignity while providing families with one of the most valuable resources, time. Time to be a granddaughter who doesn’t have to worry about how she is going to balance her career and family life, with caring for her aging grandparents. Time to be a son who can spend quality time with his parents without worrying about whether they are taking their medications. Time to enjoy with your loved one while we handle the rest.


What to Expect With Bridgeway

Step 1: Initial Intake

During the initial phone call to our office, you will speak to one of our highly knowledgeable professionals who will listen to your unique situation, and answer any of your senior care questions. We will need to collect the person of concern’s information; such as their age, current living situation, diagnoses, emergency contact, and potential caregiving hours needed. During this time we will also cover the pricing of our services and our company billing policy.


Step 2: Service Agreement

After our care team carefully reviews the initial intake, we will send a service agreement that outlines Bridgeway’s service offerings, pricing structure, and a specified retainer fee that is required to begin services. The service agreement will be sent to the potential client and/or their family members via email and a web e-signature service called RightSignature.


Step 3: Comprehensive Assessment

Once we have received the signed service agreement, a member of our care team will contact the client and/or their family member to schedule the comprehensive assessment within 24 hours. Our assessments are provided by a knowledgeable nurse or social worker Care Manager, and they cover the client’s medical history, and an extensive review of their financial, legal, daily activity, and caregiving needs. The assessment is a crucial part of the Bridgeway process because it is the foundation of providing exceptional care. Depending on the family’s emergent needs, assessments can be scheduled 48 hours (or sooner in certain situations) after receiving the signed service agreement, and they typically last between 1.5 and 3 hours.


Step 4: Bridgeway Care Plan

The Care Manager will evaluate all of the information gathered during the assessment, as well as any recommendations given by the client, their family, and their physician(s), and develop a detailed Bridgeway Care Plan. Our Care Plan’s consist of holistic health and wellness recommendations that will be implemented by our care team and are tailored to meet each client’s individual needs. They are also designed to provide optimum health, dignity, and safety of the client while bringing peace of mind to their families. It takes approximately 7 days to prepare a Bridgeway Care Plan.


Step 5: Presenting the Bridgeway Care Plan

Once the Bridgeway Care Plan is complete, the Care Manager meets with the client, their family, and any other interested parties, to present it to them. The Care Manager goes through each detail of the Bridgeway Care Plan, ensuring that all proposed services and retainer fees are accurately explained. The presentation lasts between 1 and 1.5 hours and can occur at a location most convenient for the client and their family. We are also able to meet remotely in order to accommodate family members that live out-of-state.


Step 6: Start of Services and Caregiver Team Process

Once the client and their family have agreed upon the Bridgeway Care Plan and recommended services, and the retainer fee has been received, we can work together to determine a service start date and home care schedule that meet’s the client’s needs.

All of the professional caregivers at Bridgeway are carefully vetted and trained. We view them as an extension of your own family and want to ensure that they will be a complimentary match for your loved one. If the client and their family determined in the Care Plan that they need our caregiving services, we go through the following caregiving selection process:

  • Our care team works with the client and their family to determine the number of caregiving hours and schedule needed (minimum of 4 hours, maximum of 24/7 caregiving).
  • The client and/or their family provides input on desired caregiving preferences (we are an Equal Opportunity Employer).
  • If you would like to be involved in the selection process, we can arrange a meeting between the client and/or their family, the caregiver, and our Caregiver Liaison.
  • We obtain feedback from the client and/or their family and make appropriate staffing changes as needed.
  • Once we have found the right matches for the client, caregiving services will then begin on an agreed upon date.
  • Any scheduling changes or caregiving questions can be made to 248.702.6510.


Step 8: Ongoing Support and Exceptional Care

At Bridgeway, it is our mission to provide exemplary care for all of our clients. That is why our care team works around the clock to make sure that all day-to-day scheduling and care issues are quickly addressed, and our client’s needs are always met with compassion and trust.



Contact Bridgeway today to begin the Bridgeway Care Process and experience the peace of mind you have been waiting for: 248.702.6510


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